Buying and Selling Heroes’ Houses — Our Homes for Heroes Program

How Buying and Selling Heroes’ Houses Helps Our Local Service-Men and Women

Heroes’ Houses in Colorado Springs
Heroes’ Houses in Colorado Springs

719 Heroes at Sellstate Alliance Realty is a group of licensed REALTORS® who are on a mission to give back to the heroes of Colorado Springs and Pueblo. On the surface, our Heroes’ Houses program is all about buying and selling heroes houses. But it’s so much more than just helping our local service-men and -women buy and sell their homes. Thanks to our Homes for Heroes program, we have an opportunity to help an entire community of local heroes across Colorado.

First and foremost, we help service-men and -women sell their homes at reasonable prices and/or buy their dream homes at surprisingly affordable prices. For every home they buy or sell, we give back 0.7% of our commissions. Our mission is to keep this giving train rolling and help thousands of local heroes fall in love with their new Colorado homes!

Refer a local hero, or ask us today how we can help YOU settle into your dream home with our heroes’ homes program!

Who Do We Serve?

Our Heroes’ Houses program serves and supports the local service-men and -women of Colorado Springs and Pueblo. This includes active, reserve, and veteran military men and women, firefighters, law enforcement, healthcare workers, and teachers.

If you are a service-man or -woman of Colorado Springs or Pueblo, then call us! We do so much more than just buy and sell heroes’ homes, and we’d love to chat with you about all the ways we can help you and your family!  

Want to Support the Cause?

We’re so glad to hear that you’re interested in supporting our local service-men and -women! You don’t have to buy or sell heroes’ houses to support the cause. There are many ways you can help us serve and support our local heroes!

To list just a few:

You can donate. Your contribution matters! Donate today, and help us fund our local charity events and programs for heroes!

You can participate in local charity events with our team. 719 Heroes actively runs and participates in local charities and fundraisers for our Colorado heroes. Call us today, and find out how you can lend a helping hand as well!

You can join our team of REALTORS®. If you’re a licensed real estate agent, then you have the opportunity to join our team of REALTORS®! Help us buy and sell heroes houses and give back to the service-men and -women of Colorado Springs and Pueblo in the process!   

Learn More About How Buying and Selling Heroes’ Houses is Helping Our Local Heroes!

Our Heroe’s Houses  program has already helped countless heroes across Colorado, and we intend to keep that giving train rolling!

If you are a veteran, firefighter, law enforcement officer, healthcare worker, or teacher, then we’d love to help you buy or sell your home!

If you’d like to refer a hero or support our cause, then get in touch with us today! Read more information on our Homes for Heroes program.